Tuesday, October 09, 2012

First Outfit Post

White Blouse - Topshop
Grey Blazer - New Look
Burgundy Disco Pants - Miss Guided
Gold Watch - New Look
Zara Shopper Bag Dupe - eBay

Make Up:
Benefit Playstick - Paper Dolls
Mac Face Powder - Shade 2
Rimmel White Eyeshadow
Mac Mascara
Benefit Hoola Blusher
Topshop Head over Heels Cream blusher
Candy Lipstick - Superdrug

So, this is my first outfit post and I know it's not the best thing, but when you're directing your boyfriend and under a time pressure without laughing proves to be very difficult! I am hopefully getting a swanky new Canon 1100D soon, I can't wait to get one and am so excited as I know it'll come in great handy now that I'm doing a blog and all!

I got this blazer about a year ago and I love the colour of it, it's also quite light wearing and so doesn't weigh me down. It works well with the burgundy disco pants, which are extremely comfy and I got them for a very good price. The blouse I love due to the gold sequinned collar, however the buttons tend to unbutton themselves sometimes when i'm doing strenuous exercise aka in drama pretending to be a puppet.

I like this outfit as it's very fresh and laid back yet well put together, I wore it with a pair of pumps but you could swap the blazer for a leather jacket and change the pumps to heels and you've got a going-out outfit sorted! My Zara dupe bag is beautiful, it's so handy due to all the different compartments and the detail of the handles is so beautiful. I really want to purchase a real one from Zara in either Grey or Brown but we shall see!

I'm sorry about my unamused face - didn't know what face to pull! 

Bella xoxo

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