Friday, October 19, 2012

My Favourite Lipsticks

Juicy - MUA

New Black - 17 Make Up

Cherish - MAC

Candy - M&S

Whimsical - TopShop

Costa Chic - MAC

  1. Juicy is one of my favourite lipsticks at the moment, Juicy is a baby pink colour and smells really yummy! At first I was a bit hesitant to purchase it as I have olive skin and light pinks don't usually work on me, but I was pleasantly surprised when I started using it as I didn't look as silly as i thought I would. Also, the price of the lipstick was fantastic, for £1 I definitely recommend you purchase one asap as it's smooth and pigmented. It looks completely different when it's swatched from what it appears when in the lipstick canister/bottle and it looks different again when applied to the lips, it's entirely versatile. I think that those who are worried about wearing a light pink lipstick, thinking they'll look silly, think again as you're missing out on a lovely and affordable lipstick. New Black, I originally purchased to go with my fancy dress character as the Black Swan and from then on I adore the shade. At first I thought, this shade is way too dark to wear on a daily basis and might frighten people, but it actually defines the face and isn't as dark on the lips as I thought it would be. It's actually a plum/purple colour which contradicts with it's title, but I love wearing it to parties and occasionally wearing it to college. It stays on the lips for a long time and wouldn't need another application of it for a couple of hours. It doesn't dry out the lips and overall impressed, I recommend it for anyone who hasn't tried out dark lipsticks and for someone who has a party to go to.
  2. Cherish is a lipstick which I bought my accident via eBay, I clicked on the wrong shade and was really disappointed when I recieved it in the post, but then gave it a try and found out that it was fate. It's a light, tannish, natural brown, but when swatched it actually comes out as a light purpley colour? But that may be because of my skin tone. As it's a Creme Sheen formulation its staying power is not as good as a Matte lipstick would be, but it does last for a couple of hours regardless. It's a very natural colour and it's perfect for an au natural look, or when it's your day off. I'm glad I picked the wrong shade as I love this lipstick and recommend it for anyone who is need of another lipstick and/or a natural one.
  3. I came across Candy in my mummy's selection of lipsticks and she didn't want it anymore and gave it to me. I was quite hesitant as it's a very bright pink and I wondered where on Earth would I wear this bright a colour anywhere. But I've recently started applying before I head to college and it's not as bright as I thought it would be. It actually brings out more colour in my cheeks and enhances the blusher and bronzer applied. It also makes my teeth look that little bit whiter, so I'm not complaining! 
  4. Whimsical is my first TopShop make-up purchase and I adore it, it's quite similar to Juicy - MUA, but it has a different texture and a slightly different colour. Whimsical is smooth when applied and holds a pastel pink with a slight bit of bright pink mixed in. I love the little pattern the lipstick has on the outside and it's a good lipstick for everyday use and also on a night out, it stays on for a long time and therefore don't need to constantly reapply. I love this lipstick and definitely recommend it!
  5. Costa Chic is absolutely divine! I am in love with this lipstick, not just because of the Vanilla scent but because of it's effect on my face. It brings out the colour in my cheeks and it enhances the white eyeliner that I use on my eyes. It's such a smooth application and it's texture is pleasant and not gritty. The staying power is brilliant as it lasts for a long time and therefore no need for re-applying. You can wear this lipstick anywhere and everywhere, I would recommend this lipstick, definitely!  


  1. I'm liking the look of 'Candy' I love a nice pink lipstick! and thanks for your comment on my blog honey, glad you like it :) xxx

    1. Candy is such a nice shade! Definitely recommend it! Awh no worries, any time. Thank you for commenting! xxx

  2. Great review Bella! And thanks so much for your visit and sweet comment on my blog, following you now :-)

    Vanessa x

    1. Awh thank you very much!! I think i'm following you! No worries, in love with your blog anyway!!


  3. lovely review!

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