Sunday, October 07, 2012

Wishlist #1


01. I am looking for a winter jacket at the moment which won't drown me in material and this jacket from River Island seems perfect. I love the burgundy cuffs and the fur to keep the neck warm. It's quite expensive at £55 - but I'd happily pay for it once I get paid!

02. I am in love with new Marilyn Monroe range at Mac, but it's sold out everywhere and I'm dying to get one! I check the website everyday to see if it's in stock but no luck so far - they're so popular!

03. This bag is absolutely gorgeous and my bank balance is giving me evil eyes when i contemplate on getting or not. Seriously want this bag as I haven't got one like it, but we shall see!

04. I love this nail varnish Ibiza Mix - Models Own, as it gives that party feel and I'm definitely going to purchase it when I get the chance, it looks fun and glitter is the new range at the moment and I wasn't too keen on glitter to begin with but I'm thinking of giving it a go!

Bella xoxo


  1. I have the Ibiza mix, it's one of my favourites! Xxxx

    1. I really want to get it - I think it looks so cool lol! xxxxx


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