Friday, November 02, 2012

The Cake is a Lie

Sorry I've neglected my blog for a while I've been really busy and the pictures above will explain why. I know it's a not a fashion post and some of you will be like 'why is she wearing a weird jumpsuit with a really nice River Island belt?' - I'd be saying the same! I shall explain.. 

I am in a short film called 'Closed Exits - A Portal Short Film', which will be on youtube by early December and you can check it out on this page and the trailer will be out in November. The film has been inspired by the game 'Portal' and the storyline is about a girl who escapes Aperture Science, a laboratory which is a testing facility and she's tricked in to joining it, hence the escape. She runs away with this portal gun which she plays around with and realises that it shoots out portal to portal. 

The whole experience so far has been very tiring but fun and considering that I want to go to Drama school at the end of this school year, it really is an eye opener for me in the sense of the differences between theatre acting and on camera acting. I play the main role as Belle, the girl who escapes from Apeture Science, hence the jumpsuit and I'm holding the amazing portal gun!

If you'd like to keep up to date with all the information about the film, it would really help as the director (my boyfriend) is hoping to get funding for his next project which will be a survival film, therefore if you could, could you please follow the film company on twitter and Facebook as well as the youtube page which is linked above. For those of you who follow or like any of those, you will get a chance to see the trailer and the film before others and perhaps even review it.

Thank you very much, leave any comments if you want to ask any questions and I will be more than happy to answer them. Do any of you readers play portal?



  1. WHAAAAAAAT?! This is amazing. Keep me posted!! My boyfriend and I would love to see it! We play portal together! Haha. =)

    <3Jo of

    1. Of course I will :) No way, me and my boyfriend play it as well! I love it so much, it's such a privilege to be in the making of the film of it!


  2. You're going to be in a short film? that's so cool! Looking cool haha :) xx

    1. Yeah, I've been in 3 others before, so this is just amazing! :)


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