Monday, January 21, 2013

Wish List #3

Wish List #1

Good Afternoon all those who have either had/having a snow day or you were unlucky and had to go to school. Either way, I hope you are all having a lovely day. Seeing as I haven't taken any photos recently, I thought I would create a wishlist and share it with you. So, take a look and perhaps you might like a few things as well!

  1. I think this jacket is beautiful and I first saw it on Alice Boullin's blog and then decided to investigate myself. It's from ohmylove and it's gone down from £59 to £15!! I thought I must buy it NOW! However, as I was pressing the buy button, the website kept crashing :( and so I've contacted them to let them know and hopefully, I'll be buying this baby pretty soon!
  2. I have always wanted a pair of these and so, I am definitely going to save up for some! These ones are from asos and for £70, although they are still American Apparel Disco Pants. I think that I could see myself wearing these a lot and so I definitely want them. They are so comfy and easy to wear with everything (well, my dupes are anyway).
  3. Even though this is on my wish list, I just bought it about 10 minutes ago as I couldn't resist! It's from this beautiful website called Delilah Dust and it was only £4 and the shipping was free for those who live in the UK, if elsewhere it's £2. I'm such a big fan of the infinite symbol and it holds a sentimental meaning as well and so I think this'll be a necklace I wear regularly. 
  4. Oh my goodness, I am in love with this combination! I don't usually wear pinky things, but this looks gorgeous and I am desparate to buy it. It's from and it's £40. I think it looks so sleek and elegant. It would look so cute with some patterned black tights and some heels or with creepers or flats. It's quite expensive but it looks as if it's worth the price!
  5. Everybody has this, however, I have wanted a denim-look skirt for a very very very long time and finally I've found a decent one. This one is from Topshop for £20 and I definitely want to purchase it, it can go with casual style or you can glam it up!! 
  6. Some people aren't a fan of these, although, I quite like them and apparently they're really comfy! I wanted to buy them today, however, they don't have my size in stock - these ones are from New Look for £25. They have quite a variety of colours, but I think I just want plain black to begin with - I might get a burgundy pair in the future. 
What are you guys wanting at the moment? Do you like any of the items above?



  1. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :)
    Likewise I am following! So cute!
    I love the necklace too!

    emilie :) xxx

    1. Any time honeypie! :)
      Awh thanks!
      Haha, i couldn't resist buying it!!


  2. I really want that skirt! I have the standard black skater skirt from Topshop that everyone seems to have but I have had so much wear out of it and that looks like great value :) x

    1. I seriously need to save some money, so I can buy all this stuff!!!


  3. I really love that necklace i've been looking at ones like it for weeks now! Need to get one! Lovely blog hun, I'm now following xx

    1. Awh thank you! Well, now you can get that one!!! :)

  4. i love like all of them! the denim skirt is high on my wishlist too and the creepers look so badass :) cute necklace too! x
    im hosting a giveaway on my blog if you are interested! :)

    1. Awh I know, I want them all!! I'm very interested, I'll take a look!!


  5. Hey lovely :) I've nominated you for my Liebster Award!

    Check it out :)


  6. that coat is stunning! thank you for the kind comment on my blog.
    lovely blog. now following and looking forward to more posts :)

  7. Love all the items you picked out especially the denim skater skirt! I have had my eyre on that too! Its I'm my most recent post aha , new follower xx


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