Monday, February 25, 2013

Bedside Must Haves!

Just a little post to show you what my bed side table looks like. I apologise for it being a little messy :/ But these are just a few essentials that I use before I go to bed. As well as some other things that I like to look at before I go to bed. Thought this might be a nice idea, just in case you might want to use some of these products as well!

Tiger Balm - I smell this before I go to sleep as I find that it calms me before I go to bed. It also makes me a little sleepy which helps as I find it difficult to sleep at times. I commented on this in my video if you want to see it here

Vaseline Cocoa Butter - I always apply this to my lips before I go to bed, just so they get a bit of moisture before I go to bed. This particular vaseline contains such a lovely smell and it lingers for a while as well. It stays on my lips for a long time which is perfect.

L'occitane Hand Cream - I also apply this hand cream before I go to bed as my hands get a bit dry after doing my night time routine. This is a lovely smell, with a nice texture, it keeps the hands soft which is perfect.I got it in a freebie but it's worth buying for as well!

Nail file - I do a quick check of my nails and if there's a chip, then I give it a quick file!

Kindle - Sometimes, I have a quick read before I go to sleep, but at the moment, it's just sitting there, however, I do love it! I've just bought a bunch of books on there to get me back in to it again and so, I hope to be using it more now!

Memory Jar - I love my jar! I can't wait to re-read these memories when the year is over! Such a nice idea. 

Am i missing anything from my bed side table? Recommend any products?



  1. coca butter vassaline is my favv great blog check mine out im new follower follow me back :) ?

  2. Great post! Tiger Balm is quite soothing. They've been good when I've a blocked nose, nausea or an impending headache. :)

  3. I always use Pink Bubbly Vaseline before I go to sleep and I have a memory jar by my bed too :) Really want to get that L'Occitane hand cream! X

  4. That is a freaking massive tub of vaseline! :) great blog :)

  5. Coco butter is my favorite vaseline, always have my kindle next to my bed as well! :)

    Kamila x

  6. I love the memory jar, it looks like such a cute idea!


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