Monday, February 11, 2013

My First Kiss Went a Little Like This...

Good Evening cuties. I have decided to do a post on a nude lipgloss that I discovered amongst my lipstick collection. I was given it as a birthday present awhile ago, I believe that it's an American brand and after doing some research, I found the website for you. It doesn't have the exact lipgloss that I have, however, they have some similar lip glosses. The particular one that I have is a Lip Plumper, so take a look at these and there is a collection of which you can find one to suit you. 

The Lipgloss that I have is a subtle nude colour, it is a plumper, so after application, there is a slight tingle within the lips. However, it gives the lips that extra shine and shape, also it's a brush so that makes the application a lot smoother and easier to apply. I would definitely recommend investing in a similar one from the same brand, or looking for a lip plumper elsewhere. 

Have you got any favourite lipglosses? I'd love to try more!



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  7. Great colour of lipgloss, I've never heard of that brand!



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