Saturday, February 02, 2013

Shopping Haul

Hi munchkins, I haven't taken many outfit posts at the moment as my boyfriend won't let me have his camera -.- but over the Christmas holidays, I had a good look at the sales and bought some stuff. So, enjoy :)

 I have a little obsession with King Charles Cavalier Spaniels and I can't wait to get one when i move out! I'm also a very organized person and therefore this calender was perfect for me! They're so cute and I love putting in my events etc. 

 I really needed a new make up bag and I get a little bit put off by River Island because of their branding, however, I really liked the detail of this one and I thought it would look really cute in my handbag. It's really spacious too, so you can fit brushes as well as your make up. 

 I always lose hair grips and I just thought I needed to get some, these are from New Look and they're so cheap! Hopefully, if I keep it on the pack then it'll be harder to lose them!

 My mummy was such a cutie and we went to Boots and bought me this lovely perfume. It smells absolutely gorgeous, it has a floral scent which makes it not as potent and strong as some perfumes can be. The bottle is also very pretty with daisies on the handle. I'll definitely be getting some when it runs out, probably from duty free as I'm going on a school trip soon!

 Look how beautiful the TopShop bag is!! It's so gorgeous I had to keep it! I bought some nail varnishes from TopShop, I realised I didn't have many from their collection and therefore had to change this! I'm currently wearing the silvery one and it's gorgeous!

 I had a No7 voucher and thought I'd use it to my advantage, I was running low on toner and saw some reviews on this particular one and thought I'd give it a go. I haven't used it yet as I have a little bit left of my original. I also got this lovely lipstick from Revlon, which I'll do a review on in a post. 

 I've decided to change my face routine, seeing as all my products were running out I took this as an opportunity to renew everything. I thought I'd try out Boot's own range as it's very natural and safe for the skin and I've got sensitive skin. I've started using it all and it's all amazing, my skin has gotten much better from before. 

I bought this jacket from River Island in the sale! From £69 to £40 which I thought was pretty good! I've been wearing it none stop. I love the aztec detail and it hangs on the body like a vintage blazer, it gives your outfit a kind of boho look which I love! I'll be doing an outfit post on it soon. 

What have you bought recently? Any questions?



  1. Great haul! The makeup bag is really cute x

  2. Lovely haul, I love that jacket from Topshop. The print is gorgeous:)

  3. great haul! those little polish bottles are so cute! :*
    recently i just bought just a wall sticker and some containers to organize my craft materials
    I nominated you for a Liebster Award, dear!
    Please check it out!

  4. Love your blog too! So girly and fun to read :)
    I love Daisy too- such a unique scent.

  5. My cavalier is currently barking at the family fortunes noise...
    But other than that I couldn't live without him, my bed would be so lonely without him kicking me in the face whilst I sleep.
    I really love the makeup bag, I think I need to buy one big one instead of having ten little cute ones :L ♥


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