Friday, March 01, 2013

Benefit Cosmetics Haul!

Hi lovelies! The other day I decided to spend a bit of moolah and I thought that I'd buy a new foundation as mine was running out.. however, it led me to buy quite a few other products as well. Naughty me! Although, I am excited to try all the products that I bought and I thought I'd share them with you, in case you've already tried them and had a few tips or reviews. So, here they are..

As you can see all of the cosmetics, came in beautiful packaging which I thought gave a lovely touch. Also, within the package they gave me a 10% discount on my next purchase, which is brilliant! Every little helps!

  1. The Facial Emulsion and Facial Cream were freebies that came with your order. You got to choose two out of three of what you'd like to trial and I picked these two. I'm looking forward to using the emulsion wash as I still can't find a face wash which I can't live without and this could be the one. I've tried a Benefit moisturiser before and it was brilliant, so I'm hoping this one will be the same!
  2. They're real Mascara I don't have very long eyelashes and I'm quite a noob with applying false eyelashes, which leaves me with searching for a fantastic mascara which'll make my eyelashes look extra-long. I've never used this mascara and I've read some great reviews and so I'm hoping, they'll do the job!
  3. Erase Paste I've never used this before and I seem to get a few blemishes and spots and sometimes, the foundation doesn't cover it all. I'm hoping that this will do the job and cover every misfortune on my face! 
  4. Foundation Playstick I've been using this foundation since I was younger and I'm still in love with it. The shade I use is 'Paper Dolls'. The application is so smooth and I find that the foundation itself is brilliant and makes it look quite natural, I don't look orange or have an obvious foundation line which is just what I like! 
Have you tried these cosmetics? If so, any reviews on them?



  1. Great post. The mascara is my all time favourite. Love it! I want to try that foundation. The packaging is so cute! xx

  2. I use the erase paste and its so good under the eyes! X

  3. Nice haul, its been a while since I shopped at Benefit, xoxo.

  4. nice hauls, reviews ! ?

  5. I really want to try that mascara too! I was really disappointed with their other one that everyone raved about...I think it was called Bad Gal or something? xxx

  6. I love They're Real, it's incredible for my eyelashes. I've always wanted to try Erase Paste, let us know what it's like! :)
    Megan xxx

  7. Such lovely things (: I love this mascara.

  8. This is such a great haul! I really want to try Benefit's mascaras as they have been raved about countless times and the packaging is just so pretty :) The erase paste looks really good too!

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  10. Great haul :) I received the face wash and moisturiser as free samples and I LOVE them :) x

  11. Great picks. I'm desperate to try the 'They're Real' mascara x


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