Friday, March 15, 2013

My February Favourites!

Hello everybody! I am finally better! I still keep getting my headaches and still deaf in one ear, but I'much better than I was! Which means, that I did a new video for you all about what products that I have loved throughout the month of February. 

Here is a list of the products that I mention in the video: 

Hot Cloth Cleanser -
MUA Eyeshadow Palette -
Erase Paste -
Real Techniques Buffing Brush -
Argan Oil - Avon, order from a catalogue
Body Mist - Unable to track it down, I'm so sorry :(

Take a look at my video for more info and why they're my favourites!

I hope you enjoy it!! What have you been favouriting?



  1. I really need to purchase the Buffing Brush!
    Megan xxx

  2. Erase paste is on my wish list, im on the hunt for an under-eye concealer and this looks like a must-have!

  3. Lately I keep hearing good things about Real Techniques brushes! I guess it's about time to try them out myself? ^^


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