Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pop Tarts & Lucky Charms!

Hello my darlings! This is going to seem very random and strange..  but I'm not a big fan of cereals and so, when I went to America and tried Lucky Charms I fell in love! I know that they're not that healthy! But I don't care, would not mind getting fat on Lucky Charms! However, they are not anywhere to be found in the UK and I don't know what to do!! I'm also in love with Pop Tarts!! I basically lived on them when I went on my Bronze DoE expedition, yet again, I am unable to track some down without having to pay extreme amounts to get it shipped from America!!

So, is there ANYONE who knows where I can track some down in the UK or, would be extremely lovely and send some to me in exchange for something in the UK.. such as Cadbury's chocolate.. GOSH make-up - you decide!! 

I'm going to seem crazy.. but... hey, let's do it!


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  1. I've seen them in the food hall in selfridges, the have an American section with lots of yummy treats, hope this helps xx


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