Monday, March 04, 2013

Under the Weather

Hello Everybody! Excuse my absence, but I'm not well and haven't been since I returned from Rome. I had a flu/cough/cold thing and it was going away, however at the weekend I got a migraine and now I've got that along with a cold and cough!! I can't believe it! I really want it to go away as I am literally bed bound and it's also show week, so I need to get better pronto!

However, I posted a video on youtube on Sunday on a collective haul I did which might interest you. So, please take a look at that and let me know if you liked it or not!!



  1. Subscribed to your channel))) You are so brave to start a youtube channel and you are doing great job)

  2. I loved the haul.Suscribed to you on Youtube. keep it up!

    Check out my blog amd follow if you like it

  3. get well soon,
    love your blog.
    your newest follower,
    laura xx

  4. Hello, could you please be kind enough to nominate me for the Company Blog Awards 2013? The two awards I think would fit me best are 'Best Newcomer' and 'Best Fashion Blogger under 18'. Here is the link: and if you would like more information, than there is a post on my blog! Thank you for taking a look, and thank you so much if you have been sweet enough to nominate me!
    Alisha x

  5. Great blog. Love it.

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