Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Good Evening lovelies! How gorgeous was the weather today? I definitely think I have that disorder where the weather effects your mood, because I certainly perked up when the sun was shining in my eyes! I've never done a 'Face of the day' post, but if you like this one, then let me know and I will do it more often to please your souls! SO! Here is my face > 

  • Collection 2000: Lasting Perfection, Ultimate wear foundation in - 2 IVORY
  • RIMMEL: Last finish 25hr foundation in - 100 IVORY
  • Studio MAC fix powder in -Shade 02
  • FATE: Blusher Quartet
  • Eyeshadow shade from the Urban Decay NAKED Palette
  • MAYBELLINE: The one by one volume express mascara
  • RIMMEL: White Eyeliner Pencil
  • MAYBELLINE: Master shape brow pencil in -SOFT BROWN
  • REVLON: Colourburst Lip Butter in -Tutti Frutti

  • I didn't really do anything with my hair today, I just brushed it and clipped up my horrific fringe which I'm trying to grow out!!
What did you guys look like today? Beautiful I imagine!



  1. Hello Bella, you are beautiful, I love your beauty mark on top of your brow. I think you have beautiful bone structure, I love your big eyes and I think you look totally adorable with glasses.
    I must do this "Face of the day post" you have inspired me.

    Lots of love.
    -Johanna ❤

    Check out my blog whenever you can, because I love makeup just like I see you do too.

  2. Great post lovely photos I just had a lazy day today although I did do my Media coursework for Easter :)

  3. I love your blog so much. Its very informative and very well laid out. I happened to just stumble across it and I'm super glad that I did ! :)

    I have recent;y started my own beauty and fashion blog and maybe you could check it out if you get chance and maybe give me some feedback on it :) Thanks in advance if you do.

    xo Krystal-Marie

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I'm definitely following yours now! Stay in touch xx


  5. hi dear, I really love this FOTD post cuz u chose the best colorbust that makes u pretty!^^



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