Monday, April 01, 2013

Review: They're Real! Benefit Mascara

Hello little Bunny rabbits! I'm sure that you all know of this particular mascara or at least Benefit Cosmetics! I'm aware that many of you have got this yourself, or I've seen people instagram-ing it or reviewing it etc and so I've decided to do my own review on this little gem. 

Benefit was the first makeup brand that I became obsessed with and I was young it was totally out of my price range.. (still kinda is). But, yes.. ever since I was young, I loved Benefit and had their old 'Bad Gal Lash' mascara, back in the day! Benefit itself is very girly, pinky, pretty packaging, pretty beauty counters in the shops and I do find this appealing to be honest! I like my beauty products to look gorgeous. I trust Benefit as I've been using it for years, therefore, when I buy their products, I know I'm going to love it straight away and I'm going to feel comfortable using it!

Now, I didn't even realise that this mascara existed, I was a bit out of touch and I'd bought hundreds of mascara's which were just rubbish and disappointing. I don't have very long eyelashes anyway and so, to not be able to make the most of what I've got is just aggravating. I was doing ok with the Maybelline Mascara but it still wasn't doing it for me, don't get me wrong, it's a good mascara and I thought it was making my eyelashes look super long.. until I purchased 'They're Real' Mascara..

Left = with mascara.
Right = without mascara

The photo does not do it justice I'm afraid, but that's my poor excuse for a camera! Anyway, the 'They're Real' mascara is brilliant. It left my lashes not clumpy, they didn't feel brittle or dry. It completely removed any excess powder/eyeshadow that was hanging on my lashes! There was no smudging or running, I actually forgot I had this on and rubbed my eye and then realised.. however, there was no damage done, the mascara was not smudged! The trouble is, it's actually really hard to remove. I have a pretty strict skincare routine and I thought I'd removed it all, however, when I woke up the next day.. there the black gloop was under my eye = panda eyes. But, if you don't mind that and removing it again in the morning then I recommend it!



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  2. Hello dear, you look lovely ! I just followed your blog, hope you can visit mine and follow too if you like it. I put posts about fashion and outfits, looking forward to seeing you there !
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  3. I really love the effect of this mascara, it looks great on you. So expensive though!


  4. You have such a good looking eye even without make up, and the mascara make it to be more :D


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