Friday, April 12, 2013

Wishlist #4

Wishlist #4

Hello my darlings! I thought I'd post a little wish list for you, so you can see the current things that I'm saving up for - which isn't going very well! So, let's start...

1. This gorgeous, vintage blue, oversized, boyfriend jacket is from Asos and it's currently £38. Which I think is pretty good considering as you don't have to pay for postage and packaging when it comes to Asos! At the moment they don't have my size which sucks! But, I've been looking for a denim jacket forever, I was looking for Levi ones on eBay, but people bid extreme amounts of money, which I just couldn't face doing. I just feel that as I'm a leggings-hoodie-vans kind of girl, I think a denim jacket would look perfect with the look. So, hopefully, they'll get my size soon and I'll be able to purchase it!

2. This is a polka dot short gore skirt in Neon Pink, which I think is beautiful. It has quite a few layers and therefore doesn't look very flimsy, which I hate! I think this would look beautiful in the summer with some crop tops or silk tank tops! It's from American Apparel and it costs £48 which doesn't include postage and packaging. This I find, extremely annoying as I'm going to have to pay an extortionate amount for the skirt and then for delivery! Oh well, in my eyes, I obviously think it's worth it and I want it!

3. Mid-Heel Sandals with an Ankle Strap from Zara. The heel with this is quite chunky and doesn't appear too high, which makes me think that I could wear it not just for an evening event but for the daytime; shopping, school, running errands etc. I think they'd look really cute, with a pair of frilly socks or with burgundy tights/popsocks. These are £29.99, however, Zara does free shipping which makes me happy entirely! I've been loving Zara at the moment, as my style is changing, so are my preferences on where to shop, I think!

4. These cute stud earrings are really practical yet stylish, I think! They're from Asos and went from £10 to £7, of which postage and packaging is free. I'm really loving rose gold at the moment and I think adding an accessory of that colour just gives your whole look that extra bit of glamour and style.

5. I do drama and dance a lot, as well as converse and vans - I really want some trainers which look cool but are comfy. I came across these Nike blazer Hi Suede Vintage Rave Pink natural trainers, these are from Office, but I'm sure that you could get them from anywhere, such as: Nike, Shuh, Office. They're currently £69.99, which is very pricey for these shoes, but I suppose, when I know that I'm going to wear them a lot then it's worth it!

6. I believe that everybody in the beauty world or fashion world has purchased this and is in love with this palette. This is the Happening Palette from Nars, priced at £45 and it's very pricey for something so compact and small, however, it seems to have everything that you need in one palette and it would seem that you wouldn't need to carry a massive makeup bag with you, because this is the bomb!

What do you want at the moment? Would you like anything on my wish list?



  1. Have you checked Zara for denim jackets? They always have a lot in their TRF section and I have one from there that I practically live in.

  2. I have to agree with everything on this wishlist! Especially the Asos denim jacket and Nars palette!

    I just wanted to let you know I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award on my blog :)

    xx GirlMeetsGlamourWorld xx

  3. I love that pink skirt!

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