Tuesday, May 14, 2013

April Favourites

This time has come around again and I've collated all the things that I've been loving throughout April and this is what came out of it!

1. If you watch my youtube then you'll know that I've had the chickenpox, which were horrendous!! But, the chickenpox have their own cycle and along with using Aqeous cream and Calamine Lotion, I started to used Johnsons baby oil, to help those scabs become smooth and not itchy! This really helped and I'm so glad I used it, it really helped the scabs on my face, neck and the ones near my collarbone! It just made the scabs moisturise and made the process of them falling off a lot faster which was great. The oil also made my skin extra smooth and lovely; considering as I wasn't wearing makeup or using any products, the oil was really food for my skin. This was definitely a favourite and I reckon I'll be using it more than I was before. 

2. I've become a little obsessed with my teeth at the moment, I had braces and I now wear a retainer. My sister is currently going through some teeth treatment and they've offered her free whitening treatment, I know feel as if I need to be in competition and get my teeth just as clean and shiny. So, I invested in these floss harps before I get anything too professional and these do the job certainly! I floss once a day, before bed and they're really good. I've become a little obsessed with flossing, I even researched gum disease and the consequences of not flossing, so I got on it!

3. Throughout April I was wearing the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in the shade 'Cherish', this is such a lovely pale pink and usually I don't wear light colours as I didn't think it matched my skin tone, however, this is so lovely I couldn't resist and it's just gorgeous. It also smells of mint which makes the application a lot more pleasant and I like how it's a sort of pen applicator! It's perfect for the Spring/Summer!

4. Along with the balm stain, I have been in love with the L'oreal Superliner and it has been incredible! I find doing the perfect line/wing really difficult and so this liner was perfect! It's kind of like pen and I think that's what I prefer as it's buildable and easy. I've been wearing a lot more liner than usual due to this particular liner, which has been seamless!!

5. I have been loving my Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in shade 20, it does the job, it's such a good and cheap concealer. It really does cover the blemishes on my face, which is perfect! I think it really brightens my eyes and face, it works well with the foundation and powder I use, which makes the whole makeup experience lovely!

6. Fiji - Essie is such a lovely nail varnish! I really like the colour, which is perfect for the Spring/Summer. I find that it looks better if you've got tanned skin, otherwise it washes you out personally. I've been wearing this non-stop and I think it's just a gorgeous colour!

7. Along with the beauty products, I've been in love with 'Magic Stars'. I'm a chocoholic and these have been the perfect choccie to snack on in the evenings, it reminds me of my childhood and good memories come from it, plus they're really tasty. I'm also in love with 3 songs by One Direction: 'One Thing', 'Kiss You' and 'Live While We're Young' - they're just so cheesy, feel-good songs and I'm constantly singing them at the moment. I've also been in love with the programme 'Scott & Bailey', I love the storylines that's happening and the drama in it is just fab!

I've got a video of my April Favourites, if you'd rather watch than read!

What have you been loving?

Bella xo

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