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Advice on Drama School

Hello lovelies!

I don't know if you know but, 'When I Grow Up', I would like to become an actress or actor, however, you like to call it. As some may know, it's extremely difficult to achieve this, but it's a dream that I am unable to give up. So, for all you fellow wannabe actors, below is a little guide on how to get you that little bit further. I have also done a video on the matter and will leave it below, in case you'd rather watch than read. 

1) If you're thinking of becoming serious about becoming an actor, then heading yourself to drama school would be a good start. As I'm in my last year at school, I applied for three drama schools via UCAS and the rest was through their own websites. I recommend that you order prospectus' for the drama schools of your choice as it gives you a more in-depth description of the course itself. Consider the audition fees and travel expenses that you'll have to save up for; it ranges from £60 to £30, so bear that in mind. Unfortunately, you don't get a refund or anything like that, so you've got to make your audition count. 

2) As I auditioned for RADA, LAMDA, Mountview, Guilford School of Acting, Guildhall of Music and Drama, Birmingham School of Acting, Manchester Metropolitan, Central School of Speech and Drama, Oxford School of Drama, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland - it was important to have a collection of monologues. Some drama schools don't like it if you use a monologue which is on the list of other drama schools. Therefore, I recommend that you collate a selection of Shakespeare and Contemporary monologues, in that case you won't blame the monologues as to why you might not have got in. I also think you should read each of the plays that you choose a monologue from as the panel will test your knowledge and context of the play and monologue - you don't want to look like and idiot!

3) To keep organized, I kept a folder of all my applications and scripts and sheet music etc, together as it keeps you with a calm mind during the audition process, as it can get pretty hectic! It also means that if they don't have your information on the day, you can just provide the 'receipts' on the day and there will be no need for panic. 

4) Ensure that on the audition day you wear comfortable clothing as I have seen people turn up wearing heels and inappropriate clothes and it did not look good! Also, don't wear buckets of makeup as it's most likely that they'll prefer a natural face, it will be easier to read your emotions and facial expressions during your audition. 

5) There may be a lot of waiting around during the audition process, so make sure you bring books, revision, music, food. The different drama schools have different amounts of rounds, one example is RADA who have four rounds, whereas Oxford School of Drama had two rounds. So, make sure you keep yourself occupied. 

6) Lastly, keep in mind that if you don't get in it's not your fault. There are around 3-5,000 people that audition for 20-35 places at Drama School, it's extremely difficult to get in. Especially when you're young as some drama schools consider people who are much older than those who come straight out of school. If you don't get in first time, it doesn't matter, fill that year with auditioning again, getting involved with drama activities and enjoying life! If you don't get in again, just re-apply the year after. Keep smiling. 

Feel free to ask any questions and I'm happy to answer! I hope this helped some of you. 

<3 x

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