Tuesday, June 25, 2013

BOTANICS Cleansing Foam Wash - All Bright

Good afternoon my loves, pretty obvious from the title, but I'll be talking about the new cleansing foam wash I've started using. As my Superdrug Hot Cloth Cleanser was finishing, I panicked and wondered what to use this and on a whim I chose this one from Boots, considering as I'd used a couple of their products before. I've been using a lot of their range at the minute and if you watch my videos on YouTube you'll be aware that I love their night creams! This foam wash can be found here

Boots claims: This lightly foaming soap-free wash gently lifts away make up and impurities, leaving skin feeling detoxified and beautifully cleansed.
Hibiscus is nature's brightness booster and a wonderful hue of pink.
Natural AHA's from the flower act as mild exfoliators to help leave skin smoother and brighter.
Our beauty scientists use active plant extracts approved by Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, to bring you beautiful skincare that's proven to work.
We've taken steps to reduce our impact on the planet at every stage in this product's journey.
  • Formulated without parabens.
  • People tested.
  • This tube is made using a minimum of 25% recycled content.
  • Please recycle where possible 

I definitely agree with the skin feeling 'detoxified' and 'cleansed', it leaves my skin looking so refreshed and clean which is perfect to get rid of all the makeup. I can't stop touching my face after using it as it leaves my face feeling so soft and nourished (sneaky touch of the face now). It's nice to know that it's very natural which is what I like as sometimes my skin can be quite sensitive. 

I simply apply the foam wash as instructed; I splash cold water to my face and then apply the foam in circular movements on my face, ensuring that it covers all areas. However, I warn you, make sure you keep it away from the eyes as it stings like a bee! After you've applied to the whole face, then rinse away with warm or cold water. As the foam creates immense soap suds on the face, you have to rinse for quite a bit until it's all gone. Simples!

The Boots Botanics Foam Wash is only £3.99 and I highly recommend that you purchase it as it gets rid of all makeup, when I go to tone afterwards, there's hardly any makeup left on the skin, which is incredible! I believe that there are other types of foam washes under the BOTANICS range, so take a pick at the one that's suitable for you. My review on this is that it's definitely a 8/10, it lost marks when it decided to burn my eyes a couple of times!

What have you all been using?


  1. I love this. Bloggers influence on me! Ha. Bought it after loads of people have said it is amazing. I was pretty impressed to. Fab review hun Xx

    1. Awh no way, good choice! :) I also cave in to buying stuff after reading lots of blogger reviews! Thank you sweetie xxxxx

  2. seems like an amazing product! good review!

  3. Seems like a good product might have to check it out great review xx

  4. how about closing your eyes when u wash your face next time. a bit of a silly reason to downgrade an amazing product which changed my life

  5. I use this too, it is a great product and regularly you can buy it half price! X


  6. I love this product too but have just got it in my eye and am freaking out as it still stings 15 minutes later even though I washed it out and have used eye drops! Was your eye okay?


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