Monday, June 17, 2013

eFoxCity Online Store

Hello my lovelies, I thought I would share with you this really amazing online store, which has the best prices for some quality clothing! Above is a picture of what the website looks like and as you can see there is a sale going on, so go and take a look here 

I know that some of you ladies will be attending prom or a ball-like event and they've got some really lovely vintage prom dresses at the moment, take a look here! They even stock dresses that are similar to those that celebrities wear, so if you've seen a dress on the red carpet that you like the look of, you should definitely check if eFoxCity has it. I think one of my favourites has to be this dress below:

They're general women's clothing online, is really stylish and there are a couple of items which look very similar to Vanessa Hugdens' style, who is a fashion icon of mine! The overall prices for the clothing is extremely cheap, tops are ranging from £5 - £10! It's amazing, if you want to look at this particular section go here(

Lastly, they are doing an incredible 70% sale on all evening dresses evening dresses under 100( which are absolutely gorgeous, I am so tempted to buy a particular one which I'll show below. If you're thinking of heading to a fabulous dinner, event or even just for a romantic dinner for two at home, I recommend that you take a look at these gorgeous dresses, just click here.The one below is the one that I'm desperate to buy!

Well, there you have it guys. Please let me know if you check it out, click on any of the links to take you there, or check out my sidebar and it'll be advertised there, easy for you to access! I hope you liked the post and I'll speak to you soon. 



  1. Efoxcity has some amazing dresses!
    followed you as well dear!

  2. Lovely dresses. I liked Your blog, You are cute girl. Wanna follow each other? Please come check out my blog and follow me if You'd like to, I will happy follow You back :) Have a lovely evening


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