Friday, June 21, 2013

Empties #1 - Products I've Used Up

Being a beauty blogger & youtuber means that I have to purchase lots of products, well, I don't have to but it makes me feel better! Therefore, it results in me using many products and reviewing them for you which I enjoy doing! If you'd rather just watch the video rather than read the blog you can click here

The Calgon Body Mist Spray in Hawaiian Ginger is absolutely gorgeous, it's so scented which lasts the whole day and I actually kept it in my bathroom to spritz the room whenever the bathroom was smelling a bit stinky! It's such a shame as I got as a gift ages ago and I believe it's from America, I would definitely purchase it again as it's such a lovely smell and it's really refreshing. Next is, the Dewberry Shower Gel which Body Shop no longer do, I got this in a pack and it took me quite a long time to get through, however, it was such a gorgeous and long-lasting smell. I'd never heard of Dewberry before and it's encouraged me to try out more products that are Dewberry. Lastly in this section is this Strawberry Shower Gel which is also from the Body Shop. I personally didn't like it as it smelt really unnatural and I'm not a big fan of strawberry anyway, so I wouldn't purchase this again. 

Above are the Boots Botanics Day and Night cream
  and out of the two I would definitely purchase the night cream, but not the day cream as it was quite tightening on the face which was quite uncomfortable. However, the night cream was a really nice texture, it was pink and it hydrated my skin over night and made it extra soft. Also above, is the Superdrug Hot Cloth Cleanser which I did like as it was extremely natural and smelt yummy, but it didn't get rid of everything on my skin when regarding makeup. There would always be a thin layer of foundation or eye makeup left, although, I did like how I could open my eyes with the face wash on and carry on brushing my teeth or something. So, I don't know if I'll purchase it again, it's a maybe!

Lastly, you all know that I had the chickenpox and Johnsons Baby Oil helped my scabs and scars a lot, if I hadn't used it I reckon I'd have more scars than I do. I only have four, which is pretty good to be honest! But, it really moisturized my skin and the scabs which helped lots, I've already bought another bottle. I've also bought another bottle of Dove Deodorant in Grapefruit as it's just pretty good. It lasts a long time, the scent is really refreshing and I don't smell any BO, unless I do actually smell and just don't pick it up! The last product that I used up was my L'occitane hand cream in Date which was delicious, this was my favourite out of all of them. Every night I apply hand cream before I go to bed and it just leaves my hands really soft and smelling nice, it keeps them moisturized throughout the night. 




  1. I've never thought of using Johnson's Baby Oil on my own skin, but it sounds like such a good idea! I think I might get a bottle to keep my skin feeling soft and smooth xx
    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie


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