Saturday, June 15, 2013

Farewell Google Friend Connect, hello bloglovin'

Hello my lovely friends, as I listen to the pouring rain storm outside, I figured it was important for me to write this post as it's a message that needs to be shared. This sounds like some weird confession to something.. but really, it isn't.. just look at the title of the post people!

I've heard on the grapevine that Google is getting rid of Google Reader on the 1st of July! So, it's assumed that there will be no need for Google Friend Connect, which adds the new subbed blog to your dashboard and Google Reader. 

However, don't panic! There is a replacement - Bloglovin' which I personally think is better than Google Friend Connect! Why? Firstly, there is an app for it so rather than scrolling through your dashboard, you can immediately see your favourite bloggers posts asap, you can also categorize your blogs however you like, for example, I've done it by categorizing the blogs in to their blog 'type'. Don't sigh as you think you're going to re-add everyone, you can import the blogs that you're following on Google Reader/Google Friend Connect to Bloglovin' isn't it the best!

How to get Bloglovin'

- Sign up to Bloglovin with your email address
- Click on the 'claim blog' button and enter your blog web address
- Click on result

- Copy and paste the code that they give you for a widget in the sidebar and boom, you've verified your blog!
- Copy and paste the code into wherever you want it to be displayed on your blog in 'Layout'

How to import the blogs you're currently following on GFC/GR

Click on this link below:

So, if you can see that lovely woman on my sidebar, give it a click and it'll take you to my bloglovin section and you can click follow, because that would be nice of you! Make sure you get on Bloglovin asap as you have until July 1st to do it all!

I would highly appreciate it if you followed me as I couldn't bear to lose you all! Much Love. 




  1. I'm new on the blogging world, and I was browsing a few blogs when I landed on yours and thank god, because I have no idea how to get the bloglovin button for my blog, so Thanks!!


  2. I'm following you on bloglovin xx

  3. You are so pretty :) I have to say I'm kinda gutted Google readers going down but thankyou for the advice about transferring reading lists!!

  4. omg you look super natural and pretty in this look! super lovely! <3

    check out my new all-white outfit post! :)

  5. Oh goshh your make up looks amazing! <3

    Have a wonderful day,

    Boonya -


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