Friday, June 14, 2013

Hideholliehide Blog

Hello lovelies, I just wanted to do a little blog post on a new blog, which is worth a follow. Although most of you are probably interested in fashion and beauty and what not, this particular blog is based around reviews on music and films. After reading the review on 'The Purge' it has changed my view on going to see it completely, I thought it would be worth a watch but now I have second thoughts. 

The maker behind this particular blog is one of my bestest friends Hollie, you can find her blog here. Hollie is a 19 year old student who's currently studying Media and previously Drama. As she's about to start her 2nd year concentrating on journalism, she's created this blog which I think we can benefit from. 

The two pictures above are one of her blog and the other is of beautiful Hollie! Please go and take a look and give her a follow, she's such a cutie and her blog is so lovely! HERE!




  1. you're so cute looking! love your blog. :) would you like to follow eachother on GFC and bloglovin? let me know! :)

    1. The photo of the girl in this post is the maker of the hideholliehide blog, not me!! But I'll check out your blog even so.

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  3. Aw thanks so much honey!
    Such a star *



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