Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Foundation & Eyebrow Routine

Hello everyone! I'm going to attempt to start blogging everyday, however, I do have one more exam left, so I should really concentrate on that! Oh well.. So, today I thought I would discuss my foundation and eyebrow routine, for all of you who quietly ponder and wonder how I do it. 

As you can see from the picture, the main foundation that I'm using at the moment is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in the shade 'True Ivory'. I've been using this as it's a really good coverage, the application is really smooth and light. It has quite a nice smell to it and the packaging is also quite pleasing to the eye for a highstreet/drugstore foundation. It's also quite good for the Summer as it's not too heavy and I don't feel it's going to 'melt' on my skin which is always a bonus! Anyway, I usually apply this with my Benefit Foundation Brush which I got years ago, but I have been experimenting with applying it with the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. I pump around 2-3 pumps onto the back of my hand and apply stripes of foundation to my face, ensuring that I fully blend in the foundation to make it look smooth. 

Next I use my Collection Concealer in shade '03/Medium' and apply that underneath my eyes and on any blemishes that are lurking around on my face! Usually, I blend this in with the tips of my fingers, but sometimes I use the Real Techniques Foundation Brush as it's small enough to blend it in, it also depends on how much time I have to do my makeup. The coverage of this concealer is really good and it works well with the Rimmel foundation. It doesn't leave nay creases under the eye, which some concealers that I have used in the past tends to do. 

Thereafter, I use my MAC Studio Fix Powder and apply it with the Real Techniques Buffing Brush, rather than sweeping the powder on, I tend to pat the powder on as according to sunbeamsjess the powder stays on longer and when swept on it tends to just come right off or go in to your hair, which is true! I do love this powder, it's not as matte as another powder that I use, which again is nice for the upcoming summer. 

When it comes to my eyebrows, I use a old, but clean mascara brush to brush through my eyebrows, just to make the hairs face in the same direction and look smoother, as well as get rid of any foundation or powder in the eyebrows. I then use the Liner Brush that comes with the Benefit Contour Eye Kit and use the dark brown eyeshadow for my eyebrows. I tend to start at the arch and then move inwards, then go outwards.. Not really sure why, but I find that's what I've become used to. After I've filled in the brows then I brush them over again with the mascara brush. 

If you want to watch how I do this then click on the video below, within the video is also other foundation, concealer and powder options for special occasions!



  1. I love the rimmel wake me up foundation - i don't think i will ever stray away from it! so good for the price

    bec X

    1. It's such a good foundation for the price as well?!



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