Saturday, June 29, 2013

Spring or Summer Nails

Hello my lovelies! As you can see, this little post is based around all things nails for Spring/Summer. I mention Spring as I feel as if, we haven't fully launched in to Summer due to the weather having many mood swings, so, until the sun is constantly shining, then I shall announce that Summer is here! Without, further-ado, let's move on to what nails I think would be fab for these two seasons.

First, we have this MUA nail varnish, in shade 'U ROK'. I believe that this was in a limited edition of their nail varnishes they were putting under 'Love Hearts', like the sweets! This shade of blue almost becomes a purple and I believe that it'll look great against the skin, whether you have a tan or not. It's still quite light but not the typical blue and therefore, goes well with the Spring/Summer vibe. I also think MUA's polishes are only £1? Which is a complete bargain! Thinking about it.. it looks quite good next to that orange shade?

Second, we have Barry M's 'Peach Melba', which I think it such a gorgeous shade. I'm in love with the peachy colour, as I love all kinds of shades of orange anyway. I think this is such a good choice for the two seasons as it's light, girly, it'll probably go with the clothing you'll be picking out to wear. It's fun and really brings out the sun in everyone! Cheese alert!

Thirdly, we've got a very nice toned purple shade from Barry M called 'Berry'. I'm not usually a massive fan of purple, but this particular shade of purple has changed my mind. It's not a bright purple, but it's not too dark and is almost a pastel shade. Perhaps, this is why I like it? I like the name too, it reminds me of blueberries for some reason? Again, I reckon this purple will look really nice against white clothing or anything of a bright colour, perfect for the Summer!

Next up we have Barry M's 'Mint Green' which is just gorgeous. It's a pastel green, not a bogey colour which won't freak your parents out or grandparents (this happened to me once). This shade just screams Spring and new beginnings.. I'm getting a bit deep. But, at £2.99, it's such a great polish and brand itself and this colour would compliment anyone. 

Although Topshop nail polishes are quite pricey, I couldn't resist with this one. It's the shade 'Tidal' and it's a very light shade of blue. When I was first applying it to the nail-wheel, it almost looked grey but it is just a very light blue. It's more on the light side, so I reckon it would look better if you have a tan or darker skin as it would be drowned out or un-noticed with pale skin. Due to it being very light it's perfect for Spring or Summer as it's not too heavy and lightweight, is what we like during these two seasons. 

Last but not least, I can hear you all singing 'My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard..', I'm with you! This is a lovely and cute light pink from 'Topshop' and it's called 'Milkshake'. What a brilliant name! I really like this pink, especially when I have a tan as it highlights how dark I am. It also makes me feel girly and pretty due to it's colour. The lightness of the shade makes it appropriate for the Summer/Spring and genuinely has a thumbs up from me. 

What nail polishes have you all been wearing?


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