Monday, July 01, 2013

COMPANY Magazine!

Hi my lovelies! I am aware that you're probably wondering what on earth is this post about and I suppose it's mainly about COMPANY managazine, as well as a little fan-girling towards Nina Dobrev. 

I am a magazine addict, there isn't a magazine that I won't buy; at my mum's house in Brighton I have a whole drawer under my bed filled with magazines! At my dad's my mirror is also squeezed between two piles of magazines! I think I have a problem :/ Anyway, as I was mooching around TESCO, trying to find things to spend my money on, I spotted this COMPANY magazine and it was Nina who attracted me to it.  It's £2.50, although it's extremely packed with pages and pages of interesting stuff I can tell you. It also came with a free tiny makeup bag which I gave to my little sister, who can find more use to it than I! Anyway, it's been keeping itself comfy on my bed side table and I thought I'd tell you some stuff in it that you might like to know!

COMPANY as a magazine have won quite a few awards; British Society of Magazine Editors - Editor of the Year: Victoria White, Art Director of the Year, Procter and Gamble Award for best journalism in beauty: Sophie Querishi and PTC New journalist of the year, highly commended: Lena De Casparis. This is impressive and always makes me think how much I want to be part of a magazine, dreaming as always!

I'm really in love with the various writing styles, quality of photos and different subject matters within the magaine. Due to the magazine being so thick, it didn't make me feel as if I didn't get my money's worth, it's such a good magazine in my opinion. 

What I've enjoyed reading the most is the interview with Nina Dobrev. I recognized her from the 'Vampire Diaries' which I don't watch, but I was fascinated to know her a bit better. She comes across as so down-to-earth and lovely and genuine. I've actually become a bit obsessed with her now to be honest with you! She is such an inspiration for actresses and an inspiration to girls in general. 

I loved this magazine, any other magazines that are worth mentioning?


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  1. I always love getting this magazine... it's a high end layout on a highstreet budget content! :) xx


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