Tuesday, July 02, 2013

MAYBELLINE: the one by one volume express MASCARA

Hello my lovelies! I am usually addicted to my 'They're Real' Benefit Mascara, however, as of late, I have been using my Maybelline Volume Express Mascara and there are a few reasons why!

The Benefit Mascara tends to only be removed fully from the eyes after a couple of washes and soaks of the eye, I would say. The Maybelline mascara doesn't leave any residue after one face wash and a cleanse, therefore, this makes the process of taking the eye makeup off a lot easier. It isn't waterproof however, the mascara hasn't smudged when I've used it which makes life a lot easier as I have quite oily skin.

If you watch my youtube videos, you will know that I have no eyelashes and the picture above does not give the mascara much justice, unfortunately my camera was being difficult! So, the Benefit mascara that I use, does wonders to my lashes however, so does the Maybelline mascara! It really lengthens my lashes and accentuates them excessively which makes me happy and it also does it without me using an eyelash curler - WOW!

The pricing is obviously vastly different, I think we all assumed that at the beginning. Weirdly enough Boots haven't got it on their website, however, I assume that the Maybelline mascara would be £7.99, whereas the Benefit mascara is £14. What a difference! Not only does the Volume Express Mascara volumise (see what I did there?) my lashes it also makes my purse happier. 

Despite the mascara brush being plastic, I quite like the packaging; it's pink and girly and makes itself look nice amongst all the other things in my makeup bag - but this is me being OCD now so, let's ignore this section. I definitely recommend investing in this mascara as it's just as good as the Benefit mascara, trust me!

What have you guys been using for mascara?



  1. Great review - I have this mascara and I quite like it :) x



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