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The Life Post | 2012 Flashback

I'm feeling rather nostalgic today, so I thought I would take a look at 2012!
I don't even know where to start.. 

When you sit down and try to accumulate your thoughts about the previous year, it's when you decided whether it was the worst or best year within your life. To me, it was possibly a mix of both, which does seem pretty weird, but it really was the BEST and WORST year, although it was positive than negative - haha I've confused you!

I'm probably cheating by starting around February/March time instead of January, but hardly anything happened in January from what I can remember. So, I'm going to get in to the good things and best parts of 2012 for me.. 

After auditioning for a book trailer, which I got and you guys can watch it here, the director liked me enough to cast me in her short film that she was filming the following month. Above is a picture of the cast involved and although the picture is a bit fuzzy, I love it a lot as it just shows this little family that we got to create over a couple of days. It was really hard work but it was worth it and I've made so many friends from it. Ever since then, I got to visit Mel (the director) various times for parties and speak to her about other film projects which was just so cool. You can watch a blooper from the film here

No this picture isn't from 2012, but it's me with the yellow umbrella and my best friend Darcy is the one with the blue umbrella. I love this photo of us, this was our very first fashion show. Anyway, as Darcy lives in Brighton, I never get to see her as regularly as I used to and around the Marchish time we had started writing letters to one another. They are so sentimental to me and we each keep the letters, we're now on letter 21 and it makes us contacting and filling in each other so much more lovelier in this way. I love her still!

This little munchkin is my little sister, Olivia. She was born in to the world in 2010 and I can't believe how grown up she looks here! She's now 3 and I think my dad and, my then, step-mum were very hesitant and wary of how mine and Olivia's relationship would be. After feeling negative towards the fact that my father was going to be having another child when he already had four and wasn't getting any younger, Olivia was received in my arms with extremely wide and open arms! I never thought I'd love her as much as I do and I hate myself for how I was towards it before. She's my little ray of sunshine and I don't know what I would do without her. 

It was by complete coincidence that my three best friends and I wore stripes to school one day and that evening we were going to Rupert's house for a dinner party. We had such a fabulous time, Sam (blondie) and I got drunk on cocktails and the food that Rupert cooked was atrocious  minus the sorbet and Asian broth for starter. There are so many videos of Sam and I laughing over her being allowed ketchup and I wasn't.. Rupert cooked ostrich burgers and I couldn't think of anything worse! Throughout the year, we had a dinner party at my house and at Sam's house - they were so much fun and I miss doing them. 

At around April/ May I auditioned for another short film which has actually proved to become a little stressful what with being paid for it etc and the director. However, the experience was good and I got to meet and spend my time with some lovely girls and despite them being younger than me, I got on with 2 of them really well. We were lucky enough to experience some sun which was surprising but it made it much more pleasant. Although, it was quite stressful as I was about to take my exams and kept running off when I had a break to revise.

Rupert and I went to the Sixth Form ball and doesn't he look handsome? We would have been together for five months around this point and the day after the ball we were going on holiday. The ball itself wasn't too bad, but his after-ball party was pretty good and I remember going to bed so late and we had to wake up at 6am the next day - not impressed! We never look like a couple in photos which is annoying but, I think we look pretty happy. 

After my exams, my lovely friend Anthony (not in the picture) held an after exams party at his house and it was brilliant! I had such a laugh with my lovely gay best friend Jack (in the picture) and from the picture of Rachel and I, you can see we got pretty drunk! It was so nice to let loose after exams and I remember towards the end of the evening, some of us sat in a circle and were drinking and chatting. I even tried skittle vodka?!

In the Summer I went to Central School of Speech and Drama for 2 weeks on an acting course, which was incredible. I became really close with Wesley, Georgie and Esther - especially Wesley! Him and I were like naughty school children when we were together and had a right giggle. On our second to last night we went and got dinner and cocktails on the Southbank and also had a jug of Pimms, it was so lovely and I miss them like crazy! I also went and visited my mum in Brighton and that was lovely as always, she's such a bundle of fun and her laugh always makes me smile. It's clear that I get my ring and makeup obsession from her!

From September to November, I was cast as the starring role in Rupert's portal film, which you can watch here. This was a tough time really, it was freezing cold and it took up a lot of my time. However, it was really fun, we went to lots of abandoned locations and I still got to spend time with Rupert which is always good. 

Towards the end of the year, we celebrated Rupert's 18th birthday and I wore one of my mummy's vintage dresses. By this time, I was actually coming to terms with my anxiety and panic attacks as I had my first one earlier on in the year.. this is quite scary as the only person who knows about them is Rupert and now I've shared that with you guys. Rupert and I also hit our one year mark in 2012 which was a beautiful event to mark down in the diary and memory bank. Of course I also had my 17th birthday and it was a sweet event and my older sister treated me extensively! But anyways, I'll come to a close now to the journey of 2012. I've tried to insert one year in to one blog post, cor blimey! Thank you all so much for being part of it with me, thank you for the comments, messages and general social-networking! I've loved sharing this with you and hopefully, will plan to share more with you in the future. 

Goodbye 2012. 2013 is good so far <3


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