Friday, July 05, 2013

The Outfit | Joseph & His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat

Jacket: H&M | Jeans: H&M | Strappy Top: Marks & Spencers | White Jumper: Unsure | Boots: Primark | Silver Ring: Tiffany & Co | Watch: Casio

I don't usually do outfit posts as you must have realised by now, I worry that people will make comments on my weight/size and that scares me. But, I bit the bullet and I have done one for you - from the title, I'm sorry to disappoint, but I'm not wearing a rainbow coat like Joseph, I shall explain below. 

My little brother was in his first musical the other night and it was 'Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat'. He played the part of Benjamin and had a solo as well, he was so good and blew me away! As we had to travel two hours to get down there I had to dress in something quite comfortable for the car journey as well as sitting on a hard chair for an hour and fifteen minutes. 

The leather jacket that I'm wearing is super comfy and kept me warm enough for the night, it's from H&M and I don't think they do this particular one anymore as I bought this a long time ago. Also from H&M, I wore these jeans and I'm not so keen on them really. I bought them a long, long time ago and I haven't worn them many times. I just think that at some angles they make my legs look really fat.. but hey ho! The sheer white jumper I'm wearing is super thin, but I love it. I love how it comes off the shoulder and it's perfect for the Summer, unfortunatley, I can't remember where this is from. I wore a strappy white top underneath just so my bra wouldn't show through. For shoes, I wore these studded boots from Primark, which just made the look a bit more edgier and they gave me some height too! I also wore my Tiffany's ring which I wear everyday and I also wore my gold Casio watch as always. 

It was such a lovely evening, we went to Pizza Hut beforehand and I had a yummy glass of Pimms at the evenue where 'Joseph' was being performed. It was so nice to spend time with all of my siblings too - the picture below is of us all together with my dad! 

Have you guys seen any shows lately?




  1. awww well done to your bro :) your jeans look great on you.

    1. Thank you sweetie, I was really worried about wearing them :/


  2. Love how simple yet cute this look is and Holly-Bella is right, those jeans look great!


  3. Great post, great photos and great outfit I have those boots from Primark xx

    1. You're so sweet, thank you!

      I love these boots.



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