Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Peplum | Neon Loveliness

                                                         Peplum: Topshop | Glasses: Shop in America

Neon and a peplum combined just makes me fall in love every time! This particular one was from Topshop, which I got last year and I haven't fallen out of love with it. I think peplums are such a beautiful design for those of you who want to create a different look for any body type and it suits all, which is a massive bonus for everyone! Along with it suiting any body shape, it's also designed in various textures and colours, which is lovely for those of you who are indecisive and need a choice! They also come in various prices ranging from New Look's £5.99 to Topshop's £20 something pounds! You can either splurge or not which is perfect. 

I don't think Topshop stock this anymore but, it's so beautiful, so try and track it down on eBay or Amazon or something! The texture of this particular peplum is a sort of bobbly, rough-ish texture and it has a zip on the side. The stitching is a criss-cross pattern with the colours neon green, lime green and white entwined together. 

This peplum makes me feel sexy and ready to go out! It's such a nice fitted top and really shows off my body shape which is always a little scary, but this makes me feel better. I paired it with the glasses as I was in a geek-chic kinda mood!

Do you own a peplum?


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  1. I love Peplums. I thought they'd go out of fashion this season but clearly not! (: xx


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