Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Scent | Tommy Girl

What with Summer within our midst's  I don't fancy smelling like BO, heavy perfumes or of a baby (according to my step-mum and Rupert, I still have that baby smell). So, this results with me wearing an extremely refreshing scent which I received yonks ago; this is 'Tommy Girl' by Tommy Hilfiger. 

You know how particular scents bring back memories? This perfume brings back so many Summer memories from 3/4 years ago and I become extremely nostalgic when catching it's floral scent lingering on my skin. I believe that you can purchase this anyway, considering as I got it in a pack as a gift, I suggest that you buy it from the wondrous Boots. Its current retail price is £12.25 - what a bargain! 

The packaging is very simple, made of glass with a silver cap. I think it makes the perfume look classy and sleek and replicates it's light smell. The perfume isn't over-powering or poignant, it's refreshing, light and floral; perfect for the Summer. I would happily purchase this perfume when it runs out, especially due to its brilliant, bargain-ous price! 

What scent are you loving at the minute?



  1. Wow, that's a good bargain! Ive been looking for floraly scents lately. Will have a sniff of this (:



    1. It's such a good price!! I definitely think this is perfect for floral!



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