Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Video | I Heart Summer

It's Thursday, which means video day! Yay yay! Today I uploaded a video surrounded around the 'I heart summer tag' and I didn't realise that I had been tagged until after I did the video, which was a coincidence! But, if you'd like to go and pop over to the video now then go here

The questions are based around the individual's favourite products for Summer. From the above, you can see which products I like to use; specifying around bronzer, lipstick, nail polish, perfume etc. Ingrid, a fabulous youtube beauty guru, created the tag and it's been incredibly successful over on youtube. Perhaps, we could do a blogger version? The questions are below:

1) Favourite Summer bronzer?
2) Favourite Summer drink?
3) Favourite Summer Lip product?
4) Pool or beach?
5) What's your must-have styling product?
6) Sun bathing or fake tan?
7) Favourite Summer nail polish?
8) Any Summer traditions?
9) Favourite Summer scent?
10) Favourite BBQ food?
11) Favourite Summer-proof product?
12) Any Summer vacation plans?

So, please click here if you'd like to see my video! Give it a thumbs up and even subscribe if you're being extra nice!




  1. Cute post honey! I want to do a blogger version of this too(: xo

    Followed you on bloglovin! xo

    Be Pulchritudinous. | UK Beauty and Life Blog

    1. Awh thank you - it would be awesome if bloggers started to do it!

      Thank you



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