Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Accessory | What's in my bag? (blog edition)

The 'what's in my bag' tag on youtube is a popular one and having done one yonks ago, I thought I would do an updated version but on my blog! I know it's practically the 'youtube law' to film a new version of the tag when you purchase a new bag, but, I just haven't got round to filming it yet. I had been looking for a new bag for a long time and when I made a surprise visit to my mummy, she gave me this one and it's from Primark. I was pleasantly surprised, considering as the bag has a expensive look to it. I haven't got a brown/tan bag and this is my first, which is a good one to have within anyone's collection. The bag is very sturdy and has 3 pockets inside; one for your phone, another one and the zipped up pocket where I like to put my keys! So, let's delve in. 

  1. My 'Evening Standard' umberella! This is very hand because we live in England and you never know when it's going to start raining my friends!
  2. A sudoku book; it may be a little geeky but I do love a bit of sudoku. I travel quite a bit and find myself getting bored, so I like to keep my brain working and do lots of these little puzzles!
  3. My beautiful ZARA case which hold some lovely, orange, cat-eye shades that are very 50's-esque and I love them. 
  4. A pot of vaseline in 'pink champagne' which smells divine and keeps my lips hydrated when I'm on the go. 
  5. Yes, I carry a torch but that's because when I finish work at 12:30 or 1am sometimes, I usually walk home and my drive isn't lit by lights and it's so dark, so I carry a torch to show me the way (I sang that!)
  6. My kindle! I'm currently reading 'Looking for Alaska' by John Green and it's not too bad.. not what I thought it was going to be like.
  7. My keys are so bling. I found a 'Little Mermaid' keyring the other day in my house and I squealed with joy because she's my favourite princess. 
  8. A little pencil case filled with pencils and pens for my sudoku and any one who needs a pen. 
  9. Lastly, my beautiful Vivianne Westwood purse which is super gorgeous. 
  10. I also carry my makeup bag, tissues, my travel cards in a little Cath Kidstone case, my notebook with blog posts/video ideas and sometimes a bottle of water and cardigan. 
So, that's what's in my bag! It holds a lot this bag which is brilliant and I didn't realise how much I love it! Thanks mum :) You can watch my old video on what's in my bag here

What do you carry in your bag?



  1. I love these posts they're great and I want a little mermaid key ring now!

  2. love your style and your blog hope you can check my blog and tell me what you think it would mean a lot to me !!
    kisses Nadia

  3. Your bag is lovely! Wasn't expecting you to say that it's from primark!


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