Friday, August 30, 2013

The Life | My Chummy Darcy

"Shall we see if banana skins are actually slippery?"
*Darcy chucks banana skin on floor, steps on it and falls'
Cackle from me. 

This is my chummy Darcy. You should all know her or of her by now, if you've watched my video of us doing the 'Best Friend Tag' or my constant mention of her in my videos or posts. Lots of people have asked me quite a lot of questions about her, and how we met etc... WATCH THE VIDEO, I'm just kidding! It's an easy enough story, it all started in the year 2000 where we started school and I supposedly turned up in a blue swimming costume because I hadn't bought my pink leotard yet and I believe that we were in the same class, both being five. Even from a young age, Darcy was so positive and bubbly and giggly about everything and I knew she was one of those ultra special friends everybody needs in their life. Ever since then, we've kept our friendship going and we're nearly hitting the fourteen year mark!


Thinking about it I don't know anybody who is as positive and happy as Darcy is. Everything about her, all of her qualities make her the ultimate best friend that everybody should have. I am extremely grateful and appreciative that she has a firm place in my life and in my heart. Whenever I visit her, we will sit in the same place for hours and just laugh and talk, so much that my cheeks end up feeling like rubber and actually hurt. No matter when I know that Darcy is always there in my times of need and is one of the only people who truly understands me and how I think and work. I am so pleased that we happened to go to the same school as I couldn't imagine my life without her in it. It would be less giggly probably. I'm unable to express how brilliant and amazing Darcy is in one blog post, but you can check out her instagram HERE and you can see for yourself! It's so important to appreciate and cherish the people in your life that make it that much better, and Darcy is one of those people and she'll probably never realise how much of an influence and how much a difference she makes. 

Darcy got in to her favourite university, 'Ravensbourne' and she didn't believe that she was going to get in. I am so proud of her and I know she's going to achieve so many fabulous things doing digital photography, plus she's closer to where I live, which is a massive bonus! I knew she'd get in!!

Thank you so much Darcy for everything you do for me, for being there for me and just being an all round gem. 



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