Monday, August 12, 2013

The Life Post | Monday Summary

I believe that this is my very first weekly summary, so that's exciting isn't it? So, what have I done this week? Well, let's begin with the fact that I went to my very first film premiere on Tuesday evening, unfortunately  I didn't take any outfit posts or pictures as it was such a nice evening, I just wanted to relax and enjoy! The premiere, was showing the full length episodes of 'The Fallen' and it just felt so brilliant to watch that project in full; they have just released a new trailer for the series, which I will link here and you can take a look if you so wish! It was great to see all our hard work in the hour and a half, we all congratulated one another and went back to the director's house for a party, but I got a really bad headache and had to turn in, within 15 minutes of the party. 

On the Wednesday, I drove down to Brighton to spend some time with my lovely mummy and am still here. We have filmed a video together which will be going up on my youtube channel shortly and we had such a blast filming it! We've been clearing out her house as she's a bit of a hoarder and the house looks amazing now, which makes me feel good! We've been shopping catching up, eating lots and just been watching films which has been lovely. Whenever I come down here I always hate going back and Brighton will always be my favourite place I think. My mum and I were discussing about taking a trip to Chicago to see my god-mother and father which will be exciting!

Friday we celebrated the end of Ramadan and ate some beautiful Malaysian food with some close friends who are basically family, it was such a lovely evening - I love being taken back to my roots, it's so gorgeous. Then on Saturday, my mummy and I went shopping and I went a bit crazy in Primark and Superdrug, if you'd like to see what I bought in Primark, you can click here. Then on Sunday, I went to see my best friend of all time and we filmed a video which was sooo nice! We've known each other since we were 5, so it was such a nice video to kind of reminisce and laugh about stuff! She also got two new kittens and I managed to snap one of this cutie called Nando! That video will be up soon my loves! To summarise, my week has been a pretty good one, apart from feeling a bit blue about my youtube but that's a whole different story!

Have you had a good week? I hope so!



  1. Great post, I love your blog and videos xx

    1. Awh thank you so much - I appreciate it!


  2. nice post :) love these pictures, have a lovely rest of the week! xx


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