Monday, August 19, 2013

The Life Post | Monday Summary

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Another week has flown by and I am no longer in Brighton, but currently sitting on my sofa munching on Malteasers in Essex with a headache! So, let's rewind and review the week!

On Monday morning at 3am, Rupert turned up on my doorstep in Brighton which was very lovely. He came to visit me and my mummy which was so sweet of him to travel all that way.  Whilst he was down my mum made us some gorgeous Malaysian food and we stuffed our tummy's with the stuff! The next day Rupert and I went strolling down a place called 'George Street' and had a lovely coffee together then, he went to the skate park and I went back to my house to do some work on my blog and youtube. I agreed to meet him at the skate park, but decided to walk up to the beach before I went and saw him and it was just my luck that I got to see a very cute king charles cavalier spaniel puppy on the beach!! 

Wednesday was when I was due to come back and as soon as I woke up, I already felt sad and didn't want to go. As soon as my dad turned up, we packed the car up and my mummy and I had a tearful goodbye. The car journey didn't take that long which was good and as soon as we got back I unpacked my stuff and had a little cry, Rupert gave me lots of cuddles. 

Of course, Thursday was results day and I thought it was going to be worse than it actually was! I am very happy with my results and my dad and I celebrated by going to this beautiful restaurant where I'm having my breakfast birthday brunch- thing in a week! The next couple of days I've been a bit poorly, with a headache and feeling dizzy and a bit sick. Rupert came over on the Friday and left on Sunday which was nice of him to look after me for a bit! Due to how poorly I've been feeling I haven't been able to work which is annoying as that means no money for me.. but oh well!

How was your week? Have you guys seen my recent videos?


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