Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Lifestyle | 25 Facts About Me

  1. When I was younger, I never sucked my thumb or had a dummy. I actually started sucking my thumb when I was older, as it helped me get to sleep.
  2. I'm one of those people who's mood gets affected by the weather; sunny = happy, rain = sad
  3. My dad hates my eating habits, because I am extremely fussy and will rarely try new things; unless it's Asian food!
  4. I always wish that I was a mermaid and was best friends with Ariel.
  5. I can not wait until I can finally get my puppy; been waiting for years!
  6. When you first meet me, you'll think I'm really shy, but I'm actually just trying to work you out and then once we're good friends, I will be extremely weird and comfortable around you!
  7. I am a Bollywood fanatic.

   8. At my performing arts school, me and Darcy had to learn Irish dancing, Spanish/Flmaenco dancing and          Greek dancing!
   9. My all time favourite place to visit is Brighton. It's where I grew up, my mummy lives there and so does          Darcy. Also, the sea instantly makes me smile and always reminds me of childhood memories. 

   10. I am in love with making lists and countdowns.

   11. I've travelled to Asia, South America, Europe, all over the UK, America - very lucky girl!

   12. I absolutely despise white, creamy, cheesy sauces. The smell and look makes me want to gag and I              feel sick whenever I can see or smell it.
   13. I am a massive chocoholic - my current favourite is the 'Teasers' bar by Malteasers.. yum.. yum
   14. I got the chickenpox at the age of seventeen.

   15. I have a bike phobia, after a really bad accident that I had. 

    16. I'm always humming or singing something. You'll catch me at full blast when I'm cooking or in the car.

    17. One of my biggest insecurities are my stretch marks, there's a story behind them, but they make me                feel ugly.
    18. I don't think I have a favourite month or time of the year. 

    19. I can go for hours without eating.

    20. You always know when I'm cold, my lips turn blue immediatley, my teeth chatter and I get                              goosebumps!
     21. I'm obsessed with Disney.

     22. I love road trips so much, when I get comfy in the car and have the music on, I never want to get out            the car. Rupert and I have been on a lot and hold some of our best memories.
     23.  I hate milk unless it's in tea or coffee or with cereal. I hate butter unless it's on toast and I hate cheese             unless it's a topping for something. 
     24.  I hate having to shop for necessities!

     25.  I have a really bad back :(

I hope you liked getting to know me that little bit better! If you'd like to know more facts then you can head on over here. I thought I'd have a little fun with the camera as this is more of a personal post and hope you can have a giggle at them! Please leave some facts below about yourself, as I'd love to know!




  1. I always wanted to be Ariel, and still do...that hair! I feel your pain with stretch marks too, even if they is a story it doesn't make them any easier at all. They do seem very common though, but they are my biggest insecurities too. Can never dream of wearing a crop top!! Lovely post :)

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. Yeah man, her hair is seriously the bestest thing ever!

      Awh, hun I bet your stretch marks arent' even that bad! But, I suppose you'd say the same to me - I guess it's more emphasized to us, but we shall embrace them!


  2. ive always wanted to be a mermaid too. something about that fishy tail and gorgeous long hair haha.

    lovely and friendly post.


  3. we have a few things in common! i'm really fussy with food too - it drives my family insane. x

    1. Tell me about it! My family hate me haha! x

  4. So jealous of the places you have traveled to. I can't wait to do some traveling. I should really start saving up. Lovely post by the way. I love learning more about bloggers. :)

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    Karla @


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