Friday, August 23, 2013

The Wishlist | Birthday Edition

As everybody partied the night away on results day, I sat inside eating chocolate and it's not because I don't have any friends, but it's the fact that I'm not eighteen yet! But, I will be on the 27th of August - YIPEE!! Finally, all my friends and myself breathe. Considering as it's my birthday soon, I think it was the only right thing to do by, compiling a wish list together, especially as I haven't done one in a while, so above is what I'm currently wanting at the minute... well, for a while. 

1. The oh-so-cute skater pug dress, which is from the beautiful Asos. I saw this dress on the lovely Zoe aka 'Zoella' and thought that's a cute dress, but didn't even realise the pattern was pugs. I then saw on my instagram that my friend had bought the dress and I instantly saw the cute little puppies and immediatley fell in love. It's such a cute dress which would be perfect for the Summer and Winter. I'm actually going on holiday at the end of the month so it would be pretty perfect!

2. Marc Jacobs Honey, being a massive fan of Marc Jacobs' perfumes means that I want to collect every single one of the perfumes in his collection! This little honey perfume seems so perfect, the packaging is gorgeous as you'd expect from this particular brand. I'm on a bit of a honey spree, after purchasing the Burts Bees Honey lip balm, i've become a bit obsessed with honey, I just think it smells so yummy and I want to smell yummy too!

3. The Clarisonic, I am a big skincare fanatic and I am so desperate to keep my skin in the best condition and ensure that it stays that way and therefore, I would like the clarisonic if it's going to promise a better outcome for my skin. It seems like it's the best for wanting to deep cleanse pores and I hear there are stages you go through? I don't know if I'm a little geeky, but it excites me a little and I would love to give it a go, I've heard nothing but praise about it!

4. Lydia Bright Dress, You're all going to hate me but I used to be a big fan of TOWIE and one of my favourite girls was Lydia Bright and it turns out that she's created  this beautiful dress and I want it. The whole style of the dress is just gorgeous and totally up my street, the mesh detailing, everything about it just makes me love it. 

5. Now, I would like a Ted Baker makeup bag, but I included this, mainly because I would like a whole array of beauty products and tools and posting pictures of them would have taken a long time to list and write about! Therefore, this makeup bag is there to show that I would love lots of bits of makeup and tools and skincare!

6. Origins Face Mask, weird huh? But, I have been dying to get my hands on this for a long, long time. I just can't bring myself to spend the money on this and so, why not ask someone else to do so aha! I've read so many reviews on this and watched videos about it and it just sounds perfect, I know my face is just itching to try this!

7. Another skater dress from Asos, I genuinely think that Asos, needs it's own store in real life and not online because it would be so successful - wouldn't it!!! Anyway, this dress is so sweet and I feel like I need more dresses at the moment and it would look good in the Autumn/Winter too. I know Zoe has this too, but I can totally see why, it's not so in your face but the pattern is still obvious but not in a bad way - make sense?

8. I went in to Primark the other in some hope to find some sort of flatforms as I don't have any and I thought I would give it a go, but no luck! I don't know why I've decided I want them, but I think they're quite sweet? They sort of remind me of what geisha's would wear? I like that they're not too high, so you could wear them everyday or the evening, which is good for flexibility - it's all about recycling! If any of you know where I could find some nice ones, let me know!

That concludes my wish list, did you like any of this too?


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  1. I literally LOVE every single one of these! Haha my mother recently got a Clarisonic for her, me, and my sister. It is amazing and I have only done it for the past week and my skin looks much smoother and my large pores are practically disappearing!! I think it is a great investment :) And those flatforms are so cool :)
    xx Thanks for following me- - I am now following you back!


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