Friday, September 27, 2013

Life | Busy plans & a video!

Thought I would throw an unrelated picture in the post, as otherwise, the post would look more like an essay than a simple conversation and explanation to a couple of things. However, if you'd rather not read the post or a bit too lazy, then you can watch the video of my 'life update' here and now. But, if you've happily stayed then let's get going. 

There are a couple of things that are happening in my life at the moment, I'm busy to-ing and fro-ing, right now, I'm listening to seagulls outside my window, whilst distracting myself from packing. That's right, I'm in Brighton visiting my lovely mama, but I go back to Essex tomorrow because at the weekend, I'm moving house!! Unfortunatley, we can't stay at the current apartment we (dad and I) are in, that's the problem when you're renting. Yet, we have found a house 10 minutes away and I can't believe I'm moving this time next week. Due to this, I'm probably going to be absent from everything to do with the internet, I'm already freaking out about the fact that my dad might not have the internet sorted when we move in!! As I'm moving, this means that I have to buy new furniture as my current bedroom has fitted wardrobes and is much bigger than the one I'm moving in to, so, sadly, I need to go haywire in IKEA! Maybe, I'll consider doing a room tour or makeup collection, who knows. 

Along with all of that madness, I'm going through the process of UCAS again as I'm auditiong for drama school, second time round. Hopefully, I'll make it in this time to a school that I'm in love with and who are equally in love with me! Wish me luck, it's going to be stressful! If you'd like me to vlog going to the auditions and my process, how it's going, then let me know! 

Rupert has just finished uploading his six-part web series, so we would really appreciate it if you take a look at that, subscribe and all of that exciting stuff which creates big smiles! You can watch the web series HERE. Rupert and I also feature in the web series, so if you want to see us in action then take a look ;)

Believe it or not I think that's it! Although, they're only a couple of things, they are major events which are taking over my life currently, so please bear/bare (which one!?) with me. Also, if you have any video suggestions then please comment below! I am so very near 1,500 subscribers which is extremely exciting! Below, is my 'life update' in video form and also a link to some bloopers, which Rupey features in too!



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  1. you look so gorgeous!! the lisptick you're wearing is quite beautiful!
    good luck with all your new things comming!!


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