Friday, September 06, 2013

The Fragrance | Avon Bella Perfume

I have been steering away from my usual Summer scent and been applying this gorgeous smell. My mummy gave it to me a couple of weeks ago, neither of us knew what it would smell like and I was quite apprehensive and didn't think it would smell great; I was wrong. 

At only £13 for this 'Bella' perfume, it's perfect! It actually has a high-end sort of feel and smell to it. It sort of floral but refreshing at the same time, as well as making you feel girly too. I couldn't believe that this is one of Avon's scents. I'm not a massive fan of Avon and was pleasantly surprised, plus it has my name on which is an instant bonus in my books anyway. 

If you're looking for a beautiful fragrance which is easy on the purse, then I definitely recommend this one as it's so gorgeous and yet so affordable for everyone. I'm so happy my mum gave it to me, it also came with a body lotion and a smaller version for your handbag - which is just perfect for me!

Will you buy it? Do you like Avon?


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  1. I really need a new perfume! I've been using Vera Wang Pink Princess this summer but it's nearly all gone :( This sounds soo nice :) I'm now following you on bloglovin. xxx


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