Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Life | Holiday in Nice

I am suffering from major holiday blues, to the point where I was looking at what holiday I should go on next. Before, I went on holiday with Rupert's family and Rupert, I hadn't gone on holiday for 3 years, not including school trips! That's just crazy isn't it? What are the rules on how often you should go on holiday? Once a year? Twice? Anyway, this was a beautiful holiday and I spent it with lovely people. 

From the photos, you can tell that Nice, France is so beautiful, the landscape was so picturesque wherever I was. The weather was extremely hot and it sometimes was too hot, but I loved it. The days consisted of lounging by the pool, going out on the boat and taking a picnic, going shopping, water skiing, swimming at the beach, exploring little towns and eating lots of baguettes! 

We stayed at Rupert's Auntie's house and it was beautiful, one of the bonus's of going to France was being able to stock up on products that you can't get in England. Apart from that, it was so lovely to just come away from the real world and relax and do nothing for 9 days. I loved being able to tan and read my book for hours, it was so lovely. 

I highly recommend on going to Nice! Where did you go on holiday? Where would you like to go?



  1. Looks like such a delight! I think it should be mandatory to holiday at least 6times a year ;) I wish! Kirsty x Rockit Style, Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

  2. such a beautiful place!!!! i bet you had a wonderful time darling! xxx


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