Saturday, September 07, 2013

The Makeup | Holiday Makeup Bag

I have returned from my holiday and I've missed blogging so much! I had a lovely holiday and I'm currently suffering from the holiday blues, in which I'd like to go on holiday again sharpish! Anyway, as I was sunbathing every day and just chilling out, I didn't wear much makeup, however, when I did wear it whenever we went on the boat or went out for dinner/shopping, this is what I wore. 

Of course I had to define my eyebrows everyday, as they were bushy and big and need to be tamed! As you all know, I use my Benefit Eye Contour Kit and am investing on getting an eyebrow alternative, however, for now, this is what I love and have been sticking too. I use the dark brown shade and I found that despite the heat and sweat, my eyebrows maintained how they were when the shadow was applied, which made me happy. 

As I got tanned quite a bit, I avoided wearing foundation and powder, which also gave my skin a rest which was nice. Although, I did like adding some bronzer to the cheeks as it added to my tan and made me more sun-glowed which was a bonus. I used the Bourjois bronzing powder and I have really fallen in love with it and prefer it over my Rimmel one. Also, the smell is just gorgeous!

To brighten my face a little and make myself look a bit more flushed, I used my SLEEK blusher in the shade 'Rose Gold'. If you watch my youtube videos, you'll know that I'm in love with blusher and I can't not wear it on a daily basis. This made my bronzed look have a hint of shimmer and pinky-ness which was perfect for what I wanted. 

As I was jet-lagged and hadn't been getting much sleep, I needed to look more awake and to achieve this I used my Rimmel white eyeliner, which brightened and opened up the eyes. I paired this with my Maybelline the Falsies mascara, which elongates all my lashes. It darkened my eyes slightly as well which was a nice comparison with the white eyeliner. 

To finish off, my lips were so sore as I think I burnt them or they were just really dry from the sun, but either way, they really needed moisturising! Before I applied a gloss or lipstick, I applied the Burts' Bees Lip balm in honey. This really made a difference and I could see my lips healing quickly. As the lip balm isn't tinted I wanted some colour and therefore, used the Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon in 'Orange Punch', this looked so gorgeous with the bronzer and it also had SPF15 which helped my lips big time. 

What do you guys think? What do you all wear on holiday, if anything at all?


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