Monday, September 02, 2013

The Makeup | Lipstick Lovin' #1

I have been loving a red lip recently and I'm not sure why, probably because of the way it makes me feel 'cue Michael Jackson's song', the colour itself and it's general hype of being a red lipstick! The one that I'm currently using is from Rimmel, Kate Moss's collection and it's in the shade '101'. Although this is a drugstore lipstick, it really doesn't give that feel. It's not a 'cheap' looking red lipstick, it's a very dark red on the bullet but when applied it's of a creamy substance and creates a perfect shade of red in my opinion. 

A red lip can instantly turn any look to glam, you don't have to wear buckets of makeup when wearing a red as the focus is on those beautiful, Angelina Jolie like lips, which face it ladies, we all try to achieve. I like to wear a red lip with a very simple eye of just mascara, I have done a tutorial on this look here, if you'd like to see my take on it. 

I find that if you carry a red lipstick with you, you can go from work or school and apply the red lip and you're ready to go for drinks or dinner immediatley! There are a variety of red lipsticks out in the makeup world and I'm sure everybody has their favourite, but this one is mine and is perfect for me!

What's your favourite red lip?



  1. That lipstick looks amazing, I'm adding it to my (ever growing) wishlist :) xx


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