Sunday, September 08, 2013

The Video | Airplane/ Travel Hair, Makeup, Outfit & Hand Luggage Essentials

I actually uploaded this video the other week, however, I edited it completely wrong and it ended up as a fail and I had to delete it. However, it ended up getting quite a lot of views and so, I edited again and now it's much better and easier to watch - it actually makes sense now!

I'm back from holiday now, but this video is me sharing with you what I wore to the airport, how I styled my hair on the plane, what makeup I applied after the flight and what I carried in my hand luggage. As I;m quite nosey, I quite like seeing what people put in their hand luggage and what they wear, so this is perfect for all of you who are the same! 

All you need to do is pop over to my channel and take a look, or you can click below and watch it there. Please give it a thumbs up if you'd like to see more videos similar to this one and subscribe if you'd like to see more. I'm so near 1,500 subscribers, I can't even believe it!



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  1. This video was great and really helpful! Thank you! Oh and also you're SOOO pretty, i'm very jealous1 wish I was as pretty as you :( woah 1.5K subscribers is awesome, so congratulations!xx



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