Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Video | September Favourites

When September's over, that's when you know that we're heading towards the next new year! What have we got to look forward to? Halloween, Firework Night, Christmas and New Years! Along with many birthdays and anniversary's I'm sure! But, my favourites of September must be shared and you could watch the video or read on. But, you can watch the video here

What did September feature? Well..

24Hr Maybelline Colour Tattoo's in 'Metallic Pomegranate' and 'Pink Gold' : These were the perfect duo to re-create a cheaper version of the Estee Lauder's Duo in 'Raisins'. It was such a beautiful combination, especially when blended, I would recommend doing this if you don't have the money to spend on the EL one!

Estee Lauder's Duo Palette in 'Raisins': However, if you do have the money then I recommend purchasing it. It's such a gorgeous duo, they're perfect colours for the Autumn/Winter and would suit anybody!

Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer thingy: This can be a hit and miss product, for me it was a big hit! I love the smell and I love how blendable it is, it's perfect for my skin tone and for the overall daily looks that I like to create. 

SLEEK Blusher in 'Rose Gold': I'm a big lover of blusher and this adds to the list. This is a nice pink/coral colour, with a shimmery glow on the cheeks. At only £4.49 a pop, it's a fabulous price for the purse!

MAC Eyeliner in 'Coffee': Black eyeliner looks rubbish on me, so, a brown one is a must. I was running out of my Urban Decay brown liner and set my hands on this one, it's perfect and does the job, just like I want! 

MAC Lipstick in 'Up The Amp': This lipstick is one that I've been wearing, literally every day! I'm in love with the purple look, now that it's Winter, darker lipsticks are a must have.

Some other favourites have been; Winter boots from Primark, coat from ZARA, 'The Snowman' book by Jo Nesbo, The Curious Incident Dog in the Night Time - all explained in my video!

What have been your favourites?


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