Wednesday, September 04, 2013

The Wishlist | Non Fashion Edition

Non Fashion Wishlist

For some reason,  there's a picture missing, but I'll just talk about the item below! As you can see, I've compiled a list of things that I'd like which aren't fashion or beauty related, minus the makeup bag but hey, I couldn't resist. So, without further-a-do, let's go:

1. iPad Mini in White - I use my phone a lot, whether it be for blogging, youtube, instagram, emails, catching up on the news, facebook, tumblr and it takes up a lot of my battery life and I think a little iPad Mini would suffice my needs and would be perfect for me. I would probably get it in white as my iphone is white and it would go with my room and me better I suppose. At the minute they are around £269, money which I don't have but, I want one. 

2. Malm Dressing Table in White - I do already have a dressing table but, it doesn't have any drawers, which sucks because I have nowhere to store my makeup, which is increasing in size as the days go by. I'm not complaining that my collection is growing but I would like somewhere to store it beautifully and I believe that although all the bloggers have this, it is perfect for what I need. I think it's around £95 which isn't too bad for a dressing table in my view so, perhaps I'll get this soon, but I'll need someone to put it together!

3. Canon Powershot S110 - Although I am very lucky to have a DSLR in my posessions, it is rather hefty to take around on a daily basis or vlog if I wanted to. Therefore, I would like a handy camera which is just as good but a bit more compact. This Canon camera seems like the right one to go for, it's got good reviews and is has a sleek exterior which is nice to look at. On Amazon it's £288 which is rather expensive for a little camera, but I do think it's worth it. 

4. Coffee Collection iPhone Case - This gorgeous phone case is perfect for a coffee lover like me, it's also hand - painted which I think is just beautiful. With it's intricate detail and vast majority of coffees I adore it and would love to put it on my phone. It costs £19.99, which is a bit pricey for a phone case. but the amount of effort that goes in to it does justify the price. 

5. Emelina Knopp Bed SheetsUnfortunately  this won't show up on the wishlist, no matter what I do. But, it's this gorgeous bed cover from Ikeas. It's white with pink roses on it, it's very plain but still has that floral effect which I love for my bed sheets. I currently have floral ones, but I'd like some new ones for variety. This costs £15, which isn't too bad for a bed cover and four pillow cases, it's so annoying that it doesn't come with a sheet though!

6. I Makeup Bag - After seeing Suzie aka 'HelloOctober', with an alphabet makeup bag, I immediately wanted one with my initial on it. They cost £17 which is expensive for a makeup bag, but I can imagine it lasting for a long time, but also it has a personal touch with your initial on it, so I would spend that money on it clearly! 

Did you like anything on my wish list?


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