Friday, October 11, 2013

The Hair | The Milkmaid Plait

I have long hair and in order for me not to get bored with it, I must find some styles and play around with different looks. The one I've been loving at the moment is the milkmaid plait. I think it's so, so cute! I rocked this look back when I was on holiday in Nice and as you can see I was all dressed up to go out for dinner. I had washed my hair before I got ready and it wasn't completely dry and to my horror, the hotel hair dryer wasn't working.. uh oh.. think of something fast Izzy!!

So, why not give this look a go I thought. I'd watched a tutorial on how to do it a couple of days before and thought, hey why not! It's very simple to do:

- Split your hair in two and do two plaits on each side
- Take one of the plaits and bring it over to the opposite side, grip it in to place, however many grips you need
- Then take the other plait and repeat the step of what you did before, tuck the bits of hair that aren't plaited either behind the ear or under the other plait with grips
- If you've got a fringe, you can either grip it back, which is what I did, or leave it down; striaghten or curl to your liking!

I really liked it and I liked how it showed that my hair is naturally two different colours which was cool!

Have you tried this look before?


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  1. where is that dress from? it's so lovely xoxo


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