Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The Scent | JOOP! Miss Wild

I am such an idiot guys, you see that little sample? I thought it was the woman's perfume. So, I saunder in to Debenhams, with a grin on my face, excited to buy myself a new perfume (rare occasion), and I see all of the JOOP! fragrances, I stand there confused as to why this black bottle was in the men section.... after some crickets calling and brain ticking, I realized it was for me. I was so disappointed, I rarely come across a perfume and fall in love with it, I sprayed some of the woman's version on a piece of paper and wondered round Debenhams, sniffing it as I went, contemplating on what to do. In the process, I bought an Urban Decay Naked's Basic's Palette, a YSL lipstick and Urban Decay's Oil Slick Setting Spray. My decision?

I bought it! Obviously! The fragrance is fruity, yet sweet, but sexy all at the same time, which is a fusion of scents which combine amazingly. It was £30, which is pretty good for a perfume nowadays and I was pleased with the price, especially when I'd just walked past Marc Jacob's perfumes which are £60+! I think this perfume is perfect for the Autumn/Winter months over the Spring/Summer seasons, it give you that mysterious feel to it which I like from perfumes, such as Alien and the moon one (forgotten the name!). 

JOOP! says: 'Encounter of a wild kind.For every  girl, bad boys are the ultimate treat. The nice girl always falls for the wild guy. She is sweet, adorable, fragile even. But when they are together, she becomes someone else. Free, indomitable, sexy and wild. With him, it feels so good to be bad.'

Although, Rupert is far from being a bad boy, I'm sure he'll love the smell all the same! I love the description of the perfume so much, whenever I see the word 'wild', it makes me just want to roar or something, random?

What perfume are you wearing at the moment?


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  1. You aren't alone I have done the exact same thing on more than one occasion, slightly embarrassing and totally confuses you for a while to say the least! But it was good there was a woman version :)

    Sophie xx


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