Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Video | The Boyfriend Tag

We've only gone and done it!! We did the boyfriend tag, however, we cut out a few questions which were a bit cringey and some were a bit boring, although we added a few of our own. So, we decided to get up close and personal and answered 17 questions to let you guys in on our relationship a little bit, without being a bit too gross and cringe-erific!

If you would like to see the video in all it's glory then head on over to my youtube channel and watch us  make a fool of ourselves pretty much! I have no idea how anyone could make the boyfriend tag short, so it is quite long, but that gives you the excuse to grab a drink of your favourite as well as a snack, to sit back and enjoy! 

Hopefully you'll get a giggle at some point!


1 comment

  1. this is so cute bella!!! :) i will watch the video now! xxx


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