Thursday, October 03, 2013

The Video | Evening Makeup Look

One thing that I love about being in Brighton, is there Malaysian restaurant called 'Warung Tujuh', this restaurant is special because it's nowhere else at the moment, hopefully, it'll become popular and become a chain! Anyway, if you didn't know, Malaysia is where I come from and so the chance of being treated to it's gorgeous food will not be missed by me! 

Instead of doing a get ready with me video, I thought I would film the makeup look that I went for, it's not really a tutorial because I'm not teaching you guys anything really, so, if you'd like to see the video, then click here. The makeup look I went for was quite simple but with a bit of glamour. I went for a winged eyeliner, with a dark berry lip, but you can see that all in action if you watch the video!

The overall night was so lovely, my mum and I met up with two of my aunties and we all enjoyed a fabulous meal. I had a dish called Nasi Lamak, which is shown above, I' m drooling now at the thought of it! I miss Malaysia so much, especially it's food and weather, I would do anything to go back for a holiday and I know my mum would too!

Anybody else like exotic food?


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