Monday, November 18, 2013

Current Go-To Items | #1

The end of the month is quite far away still and I just wanted to share with you some current favourites of mine so far; some of which are new items and some aren't. Some of these are things that I keep using at the moment and just turn to whenever it occurs in the routine. I hope you enjoy my picks and let me know if you like them too!

This little palette is so handy, it contains six shades which can be used for whatever look that you are attempting to create. Whilst I was filming all of my Halloween makeup tutorials, I tended to reach towards this particular palette. I highly recommend you buying it if you are contemplating on purchasing the NAKED 1, 2 and 3 Palettes because this may be all you need. I bought mine in my local Debenhams, but you can get it in most stores. I really love using the shade 'venus' to highlight my brow bone within my makeup routine, the shade 'naked 2' is lovely to use on top of a base shadow and then finish the look with some black liner. The brown shade (can't see the name) is also brilliant for an alternative for a shadow to fill in your brows. It's so compact as well and is perfect for travelling. 

I love my lipsticks and I've mentioned this particular one in my October favourites. This is just the perfect lipstick for when I want to go for a casual yet classy look. On my complexion and lips, it appears as a light brown, but is extremely natural and would be considered as a dark nude. The one thing that I don't like about the lipstick is that it smells like the makeup you used to get when you were a kid, that came with magazines? Other than that I love this lipstick and it was only £5 too!

If you watch my youtube videos then you will totally be aware of the fact that I have no eyelashes and so I need every help I can get to achieve some lashes. This was also in my October favourites and it's going strong, it's so lengthening and volumising that it's perfect for anyone who's got short lashes. I think they only have it in the shade black, but I may be wrong.

This was another feature in my October favourites, if you'd like to watch the video then click here. I love how cheap these blushers are, yet they are so pigmented and achieve the look that I want straight from the application. This colour is a dark pink, which I find is so appropriate for the Autumn/Winter, it really sets me in the mood for it. This is the blusher that I'm constantly using at the moment and I highly recommend it. I would happily purchase more E.L.F blushers, it does have a bit of shimmer within it but it's not so much Tinkerbell but more of a slight glow to the look. 

This may seem a little odd, but I find that they are so much more useful than grips sometimes. I find that these keep a bun on my head securely, or it just makes a half up - half down look more stable. Since getting some new ones of these its made me realise how much I really love them. It may seem silly but for 12 for £1.99, it's such a bargain and they last you a long time, unless you're a bit vigorous at times and snap some of the 'legs' off. 

I have also been loving a particular Bourjois nail polish, a Rimmel foundation and my lovely JOOP perfume - but I'm going to be doing separate reviews for each of these, apart from I've already done the JOOP perfume which you can find here, which explains a very funny story on my part. That is everything so far and I'm sure there will be more and new ones at the end of the month. 



  1. ahh i really want all these products haha! the naked basics palette is on my christmas wishlist, so fingers crossed! xx

  2. Loving all the products here lovely! xxx


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